Sunday, November 23, 2014

Women's Championship Recap

Do you want to know about overcoming adversity?  Ohio State is your answer.  They started the tournament by losing to UCSB.  Not a bad team to lose to considering they had been to the last 6 championship games winning 5.  But they had to then rise to beat Penn State, UC Davis and Illinois on the way.  They had a tough defensive struggle against Texas but won that game at extra time.  Then they faced a team they lost to twice from their region: Miami University, the team that ended UCSB's run of 6 straight championship game appearances.  But did they run away from that challenge? No.  They faced it head on and won in convincing fashion in the title game where it mattered most.

They were led by Katie Woodling as she won Most Outstanding Goalkeeper in the Women's Championship Division and by Tournament Most Valuable Player Ellen Haas who scored the 2 goals in the final to seal their national championship.

They are joined on the All-Tournament Team by:

Tatum Marucci, Ohio State
Maria Riley, Ohio State
Emily Makowski, Ohio State
Madeline Sandhu, Ohio State
Taylor Wells, Miami University
Kathryn Altice, Miami University
Amanda Filian,Miami University
Mariela Cisneros, UCSB
Alexandra Childs, Texas

Congratulations to all of the players and to THE Ohio State University on winning the Women's National Championship!

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