Sunday, November 23, 2014

See you in Phoenix!

This year was overwhelmingly satisfying considering what happened in 2013.  This tournament brought back what we missed last year, great games with great students from great schools that make the tournament special.  It brought back the early morning and late nights (with late blogging) with great soccer during the 3 days. It was great to work with so many great people from our staff at NIRSA, to our colleagues across the nation who take time to make this tournament fun, to the staff in Memphis and to working with you by putting on this great tournament that I love to come back to year-after-year.

I enjoyed being your blogger again. I also was a guest field marshal and guest tweeter throughout the 3 days.  We hope you enjoyed what we had here with the blog and what we brought to Twitter with @NIRSAChamp and #NIRSASoccer.  I hope it adds to the tournament experience.  We'll see how we can improve the blog with Twitter next year.  If you have suggestions, please email me at  We will see what we can do. We hope you follow us again in the future.

2015 brings us back to Phoenix.  We hope to have a great time there as we've had other times in the past and as we've had here in Memphis this year.

Be safe in your travels and I hope to see everyone again next year in Phoenix!

Goodbye and Good Luck!

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