Friday, November 21, 2014

Setting up for Friday

So who does the blog like for tomorrow...don't know, I've been asked many times today but I bounce around from field to field to update scores on the blog and take pictures for both the blog and the Twitter* so I don't have enough time to compare teams and see who might have an edge.

*-I call it the Twitter. #ImOldAndMakeUpMyOwnRulesOnTheBlog

Here is what I see:
In the women's championship, UCSB has been in every final I've seen since 2007(!).  They'll have some good games to win if they want to get to Saturday. 
North Carolina and Cornell have PKs to prepare for. So the morning will start off with a bang tomorrow.  Should be exciting to watch.
Miami U, Colorado State and UCSB all won their pool play games. Tough half of the bracket.
2012 champion Michigan State is in the bottom half and the only team in that half to win all their pool play games.  Do they have what it takes to get to Saturday again? Texas and Virginia, both semifinalists last time we were here in 2012, are also in that same half. Right off the bat for Michigan State...Texas.

In the men's championship, 2012 champion Michigan State is in the top half. Who will step up to challenge them this year? Illinois is the only team who won both their pool play games in the top half.  Will that help Friday?
The bottom half of the bracket looks challenging.  Cal Poly was a semifinalist last time we were in Memphis. Can they get through to Saturday?  Ohio State and Virginia Tech won both their pool play games...will that be enough to set up their match up in the Quarterfinals?

Tournaments are made to be won.  Will 1 of the teams above make it? Or will the rest of the field knock them out?

Find out Friday!  Hope to see you then!

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